“His way with Chopin is fluid and convincing. He plays with a superb control of rubato and has the most beautiful way of melting a phrase.”
Fanfare Magazine (2016)


“Pianist Labazevitch injects more fire into the two concerto works, rushing the tempos in some passagework to build excitement; orchestra and conductor gamely, calmly follow his lead. Labazevitch is excellent.”
American Record Guide


“…he pleasantly refrains from overtaxing Chopin’s conclusive Allegro vivace with shimmering grandeur and eloquent precision that could even rival that of Arthur Rubinstein.”
ConcertoNet (2015)


“…extremely talented, highly individualistic yet serious musician and pianist…, has a wonderful stage presence.., ..always able to achieve an intense rapport with his audiences…” —Bella Davidovich


“…a pianist with a great audience appeal and virtuosity….a sensitive, intuitive musician…” —Horacio Gutierrez


“…pure delight!” —Constance Keene


“…a brilliant pianist, a performer with conviction and musical ideas and eminently deserving of every opportunity to advance his musical career…” —Ruth Laredo


“…a pianist of unusual brilliance and technical accomplishment. He possesses a vivid musical imagination and an open, curious, and receptive intelligence, as well, as a striking musical personality and an excellent stage demeanor.”
—Jeffrey Swann


 “…his Haydn Sonata was a thing of articulate and delightful beauty, full of nuanced details and rollicking motion. He gave dynamic thrust to Radzynski’s Mazurka (2008)…, he was bright and affecting in three Scarlatti sonatas, which emerged with jewel-like clarity…”
Cleveland Plain Dealer (2009)


“last Saturday the young and formidable Polish pianist Marint Labazevitch, entranced us with his polished technique and his powerful and rigorous phrasing, which made the numerous audience that was filling the Caja Espana Auditorium, not only prize him with tons of applauses but with real shouts of joy for his incredible interpretations of Scarlatti, Szymanowsky, Chopin and Liszt, this last composer's piece (Liszt Sonata in B minor) of an extreme difficulty, which permitted this writer appreciate the manifold and enormous technical and stylistic resources of this young, great, Polish pianist, who played with great soberness, thoroughness and communicativeness.”
Diario de Leon, 2009 Spain


“…a born lyrical pianist…”
Septyno Meno Dienos (2008, Lithuania)


“…exuberant, marvelously multi-faceted performance, …gripping from first note to last”
Paderewski Trio -The Strad (2004, UK)


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